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Helping those who need it most

Panhandle Prayers organizers and volunteers helping those in the aftermath of Hurricane Michael

We were on the ground in Panama City within 2 hours of landfall of Hurricane Michael helping those who needed it the most. Each time we helped someone they told us that their prayers had been answered. Thus, Panhandle Prayers was created. And we have been there day and night ever since. Our mission is to provide support and assistance for the residents, families, first responders, and communities of the Florida Panhandle affected by natural disasters and traumatic life altering events. 

Feeding the hungry

Feeding the hungry in Panama City, Parker, Springfield, Bay County, Florida after Hurricane Micheal

Our organizers are affiliated with the food and beverage service industries in the Southeast United States and we have fed thousands in the aftermath of Hurricane Michael. Your donations will continue our efforts to feed the hungry and provide family meals for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Backpacks for Kids

Backpacks for kids Hurricane Michael activities

Your donations help support our Backpacks for Kids program which supplies children with backpacks full of toys and activities to keep children happy and occupied while their parents focus on cleanup and rebuilding.